Who knew VVS could do that?

When, VVS Laxman dropped a straightforward chance at first slip when Hashim Amla was batting on 60 of Harbhajan Singh, I was thinking how India's misses Rahul Dravid at first slip. The way Amla was batting before and continued to bat after that drop, it was enough to dispirit all Indian supporters. This guy is seriously good, an obtrusively batsman whose strength is totally underestimated.

Things were looking extremely bleak in the drinks break of the second session, when Dhoni had a long chat with his bowlers first and then the entire team, obviously trying to motivate them. Whatever he said worked because Ishant Sharma bowled a hostile spell right after that, bowling his trademark fast in cutters just short of a length along with a generous number of bouncers that had Amla hopping at the crease. That was the moment that inserted some purpose into the Indian bowling. Sharma didn't get a wicket, it was Zaheer Khan who got rid of both century makers, Amla and Alviro Peterson.

However, the moment that captured the fightback for me was VVS Laxman, he of the dodgy knee fame, turn from first slip and hustle after a top edge sweep from Kallis to pouch a fantastic catch dropping over his shoulder. Who knew Laxman could turn and run and like that? Have you seen him turn for a second? it is like watching some heavy earth moving equipment from Caterpillar.

Harbhajan triumphantly raised his arms to the Kolkata crowd. He was back!

Bhajji was unstoppable after the Kallis wicket. It really was like when he was bowling to Australia in the 2001 series. The amount of revolutions he put on the ball generated sharp bounce and made him really dangerous. It was fantastic to watch.

What a day of cricket!


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